Botshabelo and BIGBrave: A lasting non-profit partnership

It is clear that we all have a role to play in building our country. We take some time out to support the Botshabelo Babies Home.

Iselle Brill

Iselle Brill

29 March 2017

Non-Profit organisations need the help of businesses in South Africa

BIGBrave has the privilege of supporting Botshabelo, a multifaceted non-profit organisation based in Midrand, South Africa.  They are passionate about transforming children’s lives through excellent residential care and education.

With the help of donations and sponsors, they are in a position to reach over 1300 beneficiaries every year through their three incredible programmes:

Botshabelo is a registered Non-Profit Organisation with separate financial accounting and annual auditing. Botshabelo also has Public Benefit Organisation status which allows individuals and companies to receive a tax rebate for any donations given to Botshabelo.

B-BBEE points for Enterprise Development and Skills Development are also available through Botshabelo.

Over the years Botshabelo’s vision has been refined and put solidly as a stake in the ground – their vision is to impact the lives of children that need it most. Be it through education or residential care, they aim to set children up with the best start in life.

How does BIGBrave get involved?

BIGBrave has been partnering up with Botshabelo over the years, helping them with not only monetary donations, but also through providing them with our services free of charge on a regular basis. We believe that the kind of work Botshabelo does builds our country and its people. It’s so important that all businesses take ownership of building South Africa. It is true that when the country flourishes, businesses flourish as well. We all need each other to make this country a better place. Everything you do for Botshabelo is tax-deductible, so even financially your business can benefit from a long term partnership with Botshabelo. 

Possible things your company could do:

  • See if the services your company provide matches a need that Botshabelo has.
  • You and your staff can commit to volunteer once a month on a project that Botshbelo may need help with.
  • Adopt a Cot” allows you to Sponsor a baby in the Babies home
  • Sponsor the school fees of a child in the Urban Kids preschool
  • Donate to their UpliftED teacher training programme.
  • Donate to their operating costs – this is something that really makes a huge difference. It allows them to employ permanent staff, train these staff well and make sure that these kids have the absolute best care possible.
  • Check out their wishlist on their website – it is regularly updated with items the babies home needs desperately.

…and not forgetting the sports fans:

  • Get your company to sponsor a hole at their annual Golf Day or simply enter a 4-ball.
  • Raise funds as an individual or as a company and ride the 947 Cycle Challenge for Botshabelo!

If you are still not quite sure where you can make a difference, feel free to get in touch with Botshabelo directly to find out what Botshabelo needs most and where your company make the biggest impact for them.

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