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A podcast is a great way to get word out about your business. BIGBrave can help you get started.

Iselle Brill

Iselle Brill

09 May 2017

Thanks to our involvement in the Futurology show on CliffCentral it has become abundantly clear how important content is to business success. Content can make or break how your business is perceived by potential clients and the marketplace. Content can take on many shapes and forms and whether you prefer written content, images, infographics, videos or podcasts, making it clear what your business is about, is a non-negotiable if you want to be competitive.

With that in mind, BIGBrave is expanding our offering of engaging content to include the world of podcasts. Our new sound production and recording studio was conceptualised with the purpose of producing great sound-driven content.

Why make a fuss about podcasts?

So why is your voice important in marketing your business? Doesn’t your product speak for itself? Isn’t that why you have a marketing team?

We believe that as the world is becoming more digitally driven, the need for human interaction is growing. Your customers want to know the person behind your product, what your vision is and how you believe your product or service can make their lives better. Knowing you and what you stand for, also builds trust in your offering.

What are the benefits of podcasts?

1. Podcasts make information personal.

Through your podcast, your audience will start to feel like they know you and what you are about. You are in a position to build real relationships with your audience without ever meeting your listeners. This is a massive competitive advantage, as relationship is key in the process of choosing a product or service.

2. Podcasts are portable and convenient to consume

Audio is the only communication medium that can be consumed while doing something else, unlike video or print you don’t have to stop what you are doing in order to follow what is being said. People subscribe to podcasts on their mobile devices which means they can listen whenever they find it convenient. Unlike having an expensive radio slot, people can pause when they need to and resume again when time permits. The convenience and value of podcasts are also in the fact that people can subscribe to them and then have your new episodes automatically download to their device.

Its not difficult to see why audio may just be the perfect medium of communication.

3. Podcasts are easy to create and cost-effective

Generally the equipment required to do a podcast is not complicated. Most importantly, you need a good quality microphone and headphones. However, with our sound studio, you will have access to top quality hardware recording and editing software. Everything you need to do a podcast.

4. Better public speaking skills

“Practice makes perfect” is especially true for public speaking. Learning to speak well, especially “off-the-cuff” is an incredibly valuable skill for anyone in charge of a business. Doing a regular podcast will allow you to share your thoughts, possibly answer questions from your clients and at the same time become comfortable at being an advocate for your business.

Knowledge-sharing is key

As with most things in marketing, the key is to remove the focus from “hard selling” and instead, focus on becoming a trusted voice in your industry. In the world of marketing, giving  first is a fantastic technique with which to earn the trust of your followers. Because you are sharing your personal experiences and knowledge with the aim to actually help people, you will inevitably find that people will begin to naturally gravitate towards learning more from you.

The idea is to tap into people’s sense of aspiration – tell them why what you do works! However, you need to be more than a sales pitch. Consistency and commitment to helping your followers will help you build your platform based on trust. Consistency beats frequency

A podcast will allow you to build your platform of trust which has the potential to be incredibly valuable for your business success.

Our studio is suitable for podcasts, interviews, voice overs and radio productions. Let BIGBrave help you set up a regular podcast or recording session. Get in touch if you feel BRAVE enough!

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