An inquiring mind is a learning mind. We can learn a lot in business from the way kids incessantly ask questions about everything. By asking the right questions, you shed light on the right problems, which allows you to move your business towards solving the right problems as opposed to the first problem you encounter.

To establish a culture of inquiry, the biggest challenge may be shifting your company to value “questions” over “answers”. In today’s world, answers change overnight, and exploratory questions can help anticipate what’s coming. If we reward a culture of inquiry, it gives people credit for finding problems and raising questions. Just because they found the problem does not mean they have the responsibility of fixing it as well. When focusing on just finding the right problems, we are on the right starting line before the gun goes off and we prevent starting too soon in the wrong direction.

This article takes a look at how being inquisitive keeps us at the top of our game in an industry where creative problem-solving is key to our ongoing success.

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