Fruit-Full Brand-Centric Mobile Game

BIGBrave designed and developed a mobile game for Tru-Cape Apple and Pear’s called: “Fruit-Full” – allowing them to reach their audience in a whole new way.

Iselle Brill

Iselle Brill

23 March 2018

Fruit-Full is a brand new concept in both the gaming and marketing industries because it combines a fantastic mobile gaming experience with a powerful marketing strategy for Tru-Cape.

Tru-Cape is a major player in the South African fruit production industry and when BIGBrave was approached to create a digital game for their brand, the process of fruit production in the Cape was a fairly foreign notion. But then, this was exactly the point… Tru-Cape understood that a major obstacle for them was that people did not know enough about their business and product cycle to be able to truly see the value of their product.

Tru-Cape had two main goals when they shared their brief, firstly, they wanted to create a unique and innovative platform to reach their audience and educate them on the highly advanced processes involved in fruit production. Secondly, they wanted to get to know the people who buy their products – their market.

Where it all began

In order to better understand the Tru-Cape process, the team from BIGBrave visited an active fruit farm in Grabouw. Our two-day visit allowed us to experience the farming process for ourselves which provided us with a much deeper understanding of what needed to be reflected in the final product we develop. We learnt about the preparation, planting, growing, harvesting, transporting, cleaning, sorting, packing and distribution of the fruit. We learnt how Tru-Cape manages to get fresh, quality apples & pears not only to the South African market but to the vast global markets that Tru-Cape supplies.

Why we got so Excited

At BIGBrave we have a philosophy around Engaging Content in that it must Entertain, Inform & Empower.  With this in mind, we considered many different types of gameplay options. The idea of the Fruit-Full game came from in-depth research on current game styles available online today. We researched games like FarmVille, Township, SimCity and worked towards creating a game that would answer the Engaging Content Philosophy. We realised that there was a fantastic opportunity here to introduce the world to Tru-Cape in a fun and unconventional way. 

The Strategy

It was important that users of the game were not only engaged in playing the game but that they also engaged with the Tru-Cape brand. We did this through a competition that was run country-wide which was purposefully structured around incentivising users to learn the fruit-farming process through playing the game and work their way through the full Tru-Cape cycle from planting seeds to selling the fruit.

This had a dual-benefit for Tru-Cape in that players were being educated about the care and time it takes at every point of the production cycle of the Tru-Cape business while also building hype around the game and the Tru-Cape brand.

A second strategy we implemented was to incentivise the engaged audience to purchase a Tru-Cape product in-store and use the barcode on the packaging to redeem “sun points” – a valuable in-game commodity.

As users progress through the stages of the game they learn about the various areas of fruit farming and the various variety of apples and pears. This happens through different characters popping up with a message about the process or the product. They are also able to earn Tru-Coins along the way as they grow and sell their fruit in the marketplace in-game.

Since the launch, the Game has taken on a life of its own and future updates will be determined by a combination of player feedback and Tru-Cape requirements.

Some things we plan on adding soon:

  • Grandma’s Bakery
  • Player Leaderboard
  • Cargo Transport
  • Multiple Pack-houses
  • Juicing plant

We’re grateful to our user-base who have been so open to adopting this game and who took the time to engage with Tru-Cape through the Fruit-Full app.

As far as Brand-Centric gaming goes in South Africa, there aren’t many courageous brands willing to test amazing opportunities around digital engagement through mobile apps. We are proud to have had the opportunity to partner with Tru-Cape, Shine & Red Cherry around the conception, design and development of this game and we look forward to opportunities to make it even more Fruit-Full in the future.

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