We are a digital solutions company with a focus on engaging digital content around touch screens, web development and digital signage.

We are content focused, however as solution providers we quickly realised that content was only part of the solution. Through necessity & experience we have gathered brilliant resources that allows us to confidently propose new digital solutions to all our clients.

Our mission, to help businesses achieve improved efficiency in the digital environment, is one that looks at the business holistically, ensuring that we offer solutions to the problems rather than merely treating the symptoms.

Our solutions usually revolve around anything from touch screens and gesture technology to Interactive forms and digital games, Augmented Reality and Mobile App development as well as media rich Website and E-commerce platforms.

“Design is where science & art break even”

– Robin Matthew

We are Engaging Content Specialists

Content is only effective if people can view it and there must be value at all points of engagement.

Our philosophy for engaging content is that it must:


to attract the right audience


to create awareness


to create understanding


to create ability