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Real-time database building, through touch screen engagement and digital forms. Product specific questions in order to understand your customers or purely database building. Our forms are ideal to provide you with real-time answers and analytics.

A simple to use cloud based nfinityX scheduling interface. BraveChannels offers broadcasters a more reliable and affordable play-out alternative to traditional television broadcasting.

This innovative software is packed with features that allow you to not only create and send bulk emails but also to view and manage a full campaign report, giving you the data you need to improve your marketing effectiveness.

A digital stock and warehouse management system that helps improve the effectiveness and accuracy of any warehouse. It is fully scalable and customisable to almost any industry.

At BIGBrave we create custom brand-centric information dashboards that allow the decision makers in any business the ability to see, at a glance, the state of their sales and client engagements.

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Are boardroom booking mix-ups driving you crazy? We’ve created an office problem solver that will allow different users from different departments view  and make bookings for a shared boardroom.

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One of our latest product offerings – a must-have for any event! It allows you to send out your invites via email. Invited guests can then RSVP immediately. Scannable QR codes are sent to guests which allows them access to the venue.

We have fantastic contacts who offer top of the range, latest tech products and we are able to offer their great wholesale prices to you.

There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works.

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