Never worry about keeping track of guests at your events again.

One of our latest product offerings is an absolute must-have for any event! It allows you to send out your invites via email. Invited guests can then RSVP immediately. Scannable QR codes are sent to guests and those are scanned at the door to not only allow them access to the venue but also allows you to keep track of everyone who actually showed up to the event.


The expert in anything was once a beginner. – Anonymous

Get Event RSVPs as they happen

You will be able to keep track of your guest list as it grows and manage it directly from the admin interface.

Prompts invite responses

If you haven’t received all your RSVPs by a certain date – you can send a follow-up email to remind guests and allow them to RSVP directly from that reminder email.

Keep track of who was there

You may need to keep track of which of your employees were at an event for points allocation purposes. Indaba.Today completely automates this process for you.

Ready to stand out?

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