Effortlessly create, manage and deliver bulk email campaigns.

Numerous web development and bulk emailing applications are available to companies and choosing the right one for your business can be daunting. Many of the applications on offer are either expensive or tricky to update. At the end of the day companies find themselves outsourcing the maintenance function, resulting in further expense and lack of ownership.

With this in mind, BIGBrave decided to explore various means of providing their clients with an effective means of managing their web content and email campaigns. BoutiqueMAIL allows you to take control of your email marketing by means of a user-friendly management tool.

BoutiqueMAIL is completely web-based

There is no software to install, thus this means there is no set-up or configuration. You can log in, and manage your account from anywhere, anytime.

Stay connected to your customer base

Bulk Email is the best marketing tool for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as it allows you to keep in touch and connected to your clients in a cost effective way.

Manage your Subscriber Database

BoutiqueMAIL allows you to create and manage your subscriber lists, which means all your campaigns will be highly targeted.

Customisable on a Mass Scale

No matter the size of your list, we can customise and personalise the emailers you send out tailored specifically for your audience. 

Unique Designs

Our experienced designers will create a professional, functional email design template which is tailored to your brand identity and requirements.

Measure everything

BoutiqueMAIL is completely measurable, allowing you to interpret your analytics, strategise and improve your campaigns.

There is no formula for the perfect email – Authentic and honest messaging works.

Create & Send Email Campaigns

We can design and setup your own custom templates, or you can use existing templates and create your own emailers. BoutiqueMAIL makes it a breeze to send bulk email campaigns & newsletters.

Managing Email Lists & Subscribers

BoutiqueMAIL allows you to manage your lists by handling all the messy stuff like bounces and unsubscribes automatically. You can easily create targeted segments of subscribers.

Reporting & Analytics

Easy to use reporting that allows you to measure the effectiveness of every campaign you send. Go beyond open and click rates and measure conversions and ROI with Google Analytics integration.

Ready to stand out?

Get in contact with us today, to find out how you can harness the true power of an integrated bulk emailing solution that works in conjunction with your entire digital campaign and marketing efforts.