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For all the solutions we build, we can advise or provide several options that will provide hosting for your website, platform or app in a secured environment. This means that only BIGBrave-secured solutions will be sharing this server or have a managed dedicated server as the sole solution hosted on there – minimising the risk of your website being affected by malicious attacks.

Trust is everything…

Secure Website Hosting

In today’s day and age we need to be absolutely vigilant about security and the precautions we take to prevent any malicious attacks. With every deployment we do our best to ensure we are protected from all angles including the hosting and server’s side.

Continuous monitoring to reduce downtime

Our hosting also includes a fantastic website monitoring service that will alert us about all unexpected activity or downtime on your website, ensuring we can minimise any disruption that may occur.

Reporting & Analytics

Easy to use reporting that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your website or platform.

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