Website Audits

We believe in partnering with our clients after creating their website. Our focus here is on partnering with you and in the long run to look after your most expensive online asset – your website. Our website audit process endeavours to keep your website fully updated and in good shape – not unlike servicing your car on a regular basis.

“There’s birth, there’s death and in between there’s maintenance.”

– Tom Robbins

Iterative Maintenance

Maintenance is an ongoing process. Technology continuously changes which means our work never stops when it comes to keeping your website current and the security up to date.

Website Security

Without adequate security on your website, it could be vulnerable to malicious attacks. We build your website in such a way that once we launch you can be confident that all the necessary security measures are already in place.


Making secure regular backups are crucial for any website.  In the unforeseen situation where something does go wrong, regular backups allow for a contingency plan that includes the very latest version of your website.

Complete Track Record

Having a complete track record of your website’s changes, fixes and updates ensure that when there’s a problem, the issue is easily found and resolved.

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