Brand experience that makes anyone a musician


Stimorol X-Fresh




Strategy & ConceptGame Design & Development


Brand ActivationGame
BIGBrave conceptualised and developed this engaging & creative activation for mall going consumers to sample the new Stimorol X-Fresh chewing gum. The activation allowed consumers to make music with the ease of simple chewing a piece of gum and moving to the Beat, Bass, Hook or Sound Effects. Once registered 4 users could engage with this activation simultaneously. Kinect cameras were used to track users faces as they chewed to control the music, they had to move their head up, down, left and right to randomly change the music samples. Each activation was recorded into a final video of all users chewing, moving and grooving This video was automatically uploaded to YouTube & FaceBook. Thousands of willing consumers took part in the X-fresh Campaign as it made its way around the country. It was well received from OppiKoppi to Cape Town.

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