Motion Graphics

Whether it’s a simple logo animation, or a full-on infographic. Motion is a great way to get your audiences attention and make your message entertain and be memorable.

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23 March 2018

Fruit-Full Brand-Centric Mobile Game

Fruit-Full is a brand new concept in both the gaming and marketing industries because it combines a fantastic mobile gaming experience with a powerful marketing strategy for Tru-Cape. Tru-Cape is…
16 February 2018

Level Up Project – IoT Your Rain Water Tank

The drought that South Africa and particularly the Western Cape is facing has meant that many people have installed rainwater tanks to their homes, to supplement their water supply.  BIGBrave wanted…
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21 November 2017

The Human Impact of Mobile Video

The age of the mobile device has created the opportunity to create or consume whenever and wherever we want.  The ubiquity of this technology enables access to the sharing of…

We are Engaging Content Specialists

Content is only effective if people can view it and there must be value at all points of engagement.

Our philosophy for engaging content is that it must:


to attract the right audience


to create awareness


to create understanding


to create ability

We are passionate about creating digital solutions that push the edge of innovation while leveraging value for our clients through the digital landscape.

We challenge convention by providing offerings that engage, entertain, inform and empower.

We are versatile enough to provide our clients with any solutions from websites to enterprise platforms, touch screen & digital signage solutions.

We consult to our clients on best practice and strategy in order to optimise their digital presence and operations. By doing this we take what often seems like a leap of faith in entering the digital space become more like the next logical step.

We invite potential clients to be brave and go big with us, to realize that there are more solutions than problems and that we are here to help them on their journey.

All our digital experiences are hand crafted to perfection…

Some of the clients we’ve worked with: